All we need is “intention”

Yes, all we need is intention.

It’s a short story: I heard pronounce this word by a homeless outside the gym where I used to train with my team. He begged my team mates for some money, the necessary for a cup of coffee. Everybody starts looking around, someone without the wallet, someone torned by the embarrassment seeking for the car keys.
The sharp poor man quickly understood the situation and, while we were moving away, he tossed us this words: “I have always known that there is the potential, but hardly there is the intentio.

The meaning of that is quite clear, but during a course lession of Methods and tools for social research, it occurred to me to give that sentence a wider significance.
It occurred to me to think about a frightening problem that threaten the social science, getting us into a terrible risk:

1) on one side there is the social researcher that collects data, information during qualitative surveys: reasercher’s emotions, pre-structured and deeply radicated prejudices could be involved during the survey creating an expectation. The final result is a faulty reality interpretation because there are manipulated tools, manipulated questionnaire that generate the answers predicted (and expected) by the researcher;

2) on the other side there is the society that is free to feed itself with poisoned point of view and acting as consequence.

And the gloomy example I’m thinking about is a quite well-known one: tutti i crimini degli immigrati.

It occurred to me to think about a fancy university, courses that form a future Ph.D teaching him a brave ethic, a strong psychological structure…
Data and information are weapons.

That’s the intention.
I’d define intention as a magic mindset of a pure cusiosity, without any form of expectations or wishes, but ready to catch every details that could be useful for the research purpose.

Yes, beacuse just with a great effort of intentio activated by the social researchers (and journalists) the society could  sleep peacefully.
There is the IAP to protect the society agaist the “bad” advertsing, it could exist an ethic school to prepaire “the researcher of the future”.

Yes, that would be a tribute to you, smart poetic.

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