Pencil politics II: Trump and Avengers inspire cartoons

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In terms of appearance in political cartoons, there is a clear winner: US President Donald Trump. He should not feel too flattered about this achievement, though.

Recent events demonstrate once more that the global world order depends on the mood and machinations of the American President. The conflict in Syria, Iran’s position in the Middle East, dialogue with North Korea, transatlantic trade and Latin-American relations all stand and fall with Trump’s willingness to engage in multilateral negotiations. Political cartoonists have addressed the President’s role in these issues but often ascribed him a certain incompetence.

At the same time, the latest Marvel blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War has served cartoonists for framing the ongoing conflicts in world politics. Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu warns of the monster Thanos while Hillary Clinton becomes part of the “Revengers” fighting Trump, at least according to the world of cartoons. Let’s take a closer look at what inspired political cartoons this week.


  1. Trump versus Obama

Trump fights Obama. Not literally, but he is eager to dismantle Obama’s policies of the years 2008 till 2016. In a sense, he tries to turn back the clock to the pre-Obama era and erase his traces in history, such as on the deal with Iran.

  1. Avengers I: The Iranian monster

The latest Marvel movie tells the story of how a group of superheroes – the Avengers – tries to stop the aspirations for world domination of Thanos. Benjamin Netanyahu’s accusation of Iran’s allegedly secret nuclear programme that ought to be halted in a transnational effort has evoked the parallel between fantasy and reality.

  1. Avengers II: Seeking revenge

Trump’s electoral victory of November 2016 still hurts his political adversaries, who are seeking revenge for the bitter blow. Just like in the movie, they try to bring down the powerful baddie. Although the fictional avengers had only little success in doing so, their political equivalents in America – “revengers” of some sort – work hard to achieve impeachment of the President, although this might also prove to be an infinite war.

  1. Korean peace talks

Can peace between North and South Korea truly be in sight? The recent meeting between the heads of state of both countries does offer some hope to achieve lasting peace on the peninsula. The start of a serious dialogue has led the cartoonist to recognise a peace dove in the shape of the peninsula. It can only be wished that his optimism will turn out to be justified.

  1. Bill Cosby and #metoo

After the initial phase of indignation and accusation, the #metoo movement has proceeded to the courts: Actor Bill Cosby was found guilty of sexual assault in several cases. Justitia, the female allegory of justice, has proven that she stands tall and impartial, unaffected by male machoism: #notme.

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